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110 Billion Minutes of Friending, FBing, Tweeting, Tagging, GameVilling, and Stalking

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According to a June 2010 Nielson study, online users spend 110 billion minutes on Social Networking Sites and Blogs. That’s one in every 4.5 minutes (or 22% of all online time). No wonder I in


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March 22, 2011 at 2:20 PM

Tagging: A Social & Emotional Affair

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Wordpress Tag Event 3.20.2011

As you may (or may not) know, my blog is an “experimental” blog. I’ve decided to actively become part of the Blogosphere because I want to find out and learn about what everyone is reading, writing, thinking, talking, sharing, et cetera, et cetera.

In my investigation, I came across a very astounding place. I think my address bar calls it “” but for the rest of us, it’s where all of WordPress’ hottest tags mingle. For the most part, I think the big shots: News, Music, Life, Politics, Photography, Travel, Food, Fashion, Family and Art are hosting the parties for a while. And there’s a whole lot of up-and-coming Socialites: Events, Local, Poetry, Entertainment, Recipes, Culture, Love, Technology, Environment, Business, and Humor (just to name a few.)

I invited myself to WordPress’ Daily Tag Event (again open to the public via and perused through the crowd and observed a few things:

Dinner, Gaming, Me,(whoever that is), Songs, Rants, and Ramblings were the quietest members. Ironically, Rants, and Ramblings didn’t have much to say and were merely bystanders at the event. Their presence was quite small and not so excitin, quite frankly, so I quickly moved on and weaved my way into the crowd. I probably passed by five or six groups of meager tags with a one or two posers (such as Poems trying to be Poetry and Photo Galleries trying to be Photography) until I finally arrived at the hotspot of the event where the dancers were dancing and the talkers were talking. I noticed Humor was relatively popular amongst his group and immediately, I recalled briefly passing by Fun (who was standing next to Society) and thought about the sad endings of friendships. I supposed Humor had left Fun or perhaps Fun never made it as big as Humor. Whatever the case, it made me sad when I thought about it…

So I quickly pulled myself together, fixed my hair and cursor, and moved on to more exciting things: the upper level at the fancy Tag Event where the big shots mingled. Their presence shined prominently, overlooking the balcony. Surely, News himself was there along with Music, Life, and Politics. And of course there were two of my favorite figures: Photography and Travel.

It was exciting for me to even look up to the balcony and think about being up there with the rest of the Hot Tags… Yes, where all the Buzz was at. My knees were shaking with excitement and my cursor almost stopped working! I think I can easily blend in somewhere in the midst of the party and make my way up. Perhaps, if I’m lucky enough, I’ll get introduced to one of the Hot Tags and get in on the “in.” Exciting thought, I know!

So if you’ve never been to the WordPress Tag Event, go experience it for yourself sometime soon and let me know how you enjoy it. Have fun!

What’s in a name? That which we call “WordPress” by any other name would be just as sweet.

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Of course I’m in love with WordPress. After all, I’m already addicted to the internet. Who isn’t?!

Fine. I know it’s only been two hours since I walked away from my computer. But for the last couple of hours while cooking, I saw blogrolls after blogrolls in my head. (Gr)avatars after (gr)avatars. Words after thoughts after words. And also many LOLcat things. Serious things like (BBC, WSJ, and NYTimes things). I daydreamed of random, funny things then arbitrary Google things and perplexing Aristotle things. (What did you say? I sound like Dr. Seuss?)

Anyway, and then in the midst of Things, I heard the iconic Twitter bird silently chirp at my kitchen window. Yes, he Tweeted to me from my windowsill at 8 o’clock at night. No, he’s not getting ready for bed soon. Silly questions you have!

So I had to get on the computer and find out what’s happening online… apparently, Kim Kardashian replied to one of her fans’ tweets and the fashion-frenzied girl claimed that Kim’s Retweet changed her life. Hmm. (And yes, I secretly adore Kim’s face! She’s so beautiful but… Kim, glamour is not everything.)

Anyway, aside from the Kim Kardash tweets and RTs (she never RTed mine that I tweeted to her), nothing exciting is going on. Apparently, I have been misinformed by a blue die-cut bird! So here I am. Hello, WordPress!

Being such a good WordPress neighbor as I am, I checked out what a few others have written and left comments to let them know that I have enjoyed reading their blogs. I hope they’ll say “Hello” to me soon! Perhaps, I will  invite a guest blogger to share his or her thoughts on my super-amazingly-new-but-needs-to-feature-a-cool-special-unique-voice blog soon. But for now, back to Google!

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March 20, 2011 at 10:26 PM

Hello world!

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March 18, 2011 at 8:06 PM

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