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Wine in a bottle… in a box… now in an Astrapouch

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© Indulge Wines

Wine in a pouch? Yes, why not!

In an effort to be more eco-friendly (and fun at the same time), Indulge Wines offers wine in a non-traditional pacakaging called Astrapouches! You can probably guess why it’s called “astrapouches” but let’s look at the details I found on SlashFood:

  1. It’s still good after 30 days of opening so it won’t go to waste.
  2. It requires less fossil fuels to transport the wine because it’s not in heavy bottles that require “cushioning” and “securing”, gosh darn it.
  3. Only two percent of the product is its weight so the remaining 98% is the wine! Yay! Finally, consumers can actually get what they pay for. Think about boxed wines (which is misleading actually since they’re technically in a bag that is in a box! Huh? Yeah…) But whatever the case, all that cardboard and paper is unnecessary.

After reading about Indulge Wines’ astrapouches, I quickly scrambled to their website to find more info. Apparently, their astrapouches are #1 (amongst whom I wonder) in having the lowest carbon footprint, lowest land fill pressure by weight, and require the lowest energy input to chill….

Indulge Wines (if you’re reading this)… I think your idea is super-cool, super-fun, and super-eco-friendly so kudos to you. Or would you prefer cheese and crackers instead? (Or grapes even?)


Written by eSophieThinks

March 23, 2011 at 6:38 PM

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