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Facebook Friends for Sale: 37 cents each!

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So we all know that the average Facebook Fan costs about $1.07, according to Wall Street Journal’s Facebook guru Geoffrey Fowler. Actually, his professional title is Technology Reporter but I consider him to be the Wise Facebook Guru. (It’s a compliment, Geoffrey.) Can we call you Jeff for short if we promise to spell out “Geof” in our heads?

But what about the price of a Facebook Friend? Apparently, Burger King’s Marketing VP, Brian Gies, thinks that Facebook friends are worth less than $1.07. In a bold, somewhat humorous, and questionable ad campaign, Burger King offered one coupon per Facebook account if the loyal Facebook user could prove that he, she, (or even it in some cases if we consider zygotes to be sexless; I’ll explain in another post) could “sacrifice ten Facebook friends” for one free Whopper. That’s about 37 cents per Facebook friend (tyvm NY Times for doing the math for us.)

By the end of the ad campaign, at least 234,000 Facebookers were de-friended, causing Facebook to de-friend BK’s “Whopper Sacrifice” ad campaign. And I’m sure it wasn’t because Facebook wanted a free Whopper.

Maybe I should set up a ‘Facebook Friend For Sale’ stand (that would also double as a lemonade stand). If I sell all my friends on Facebook… that’s 1,300+ times 37 cents each equals at least $481!


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March 23, 2011 at 9:36 PM

Dear Spammers: You look quite Spammy today.

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I was appalled when I came across this “blog” called SaveMoreShareMore that offered Minute Maid coupons via blog. They also invited readers to visit them on Facebook.
I quickly reported it to WordPress as spam without hesitation…(although I am quite thirsty for some orange juice; maybe I’ll grab some now).

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March 22, 2011 at 3:57 PM

110 Billion Minutes of Friending, FBing, Tweeting, Tagging, GameVilling, and Stalking

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According to a June 2010 Nielson study, online users spend 110 billion minutes on Social Networking Sites and Blogs. That’s one in every 4.5 minutes (or 22% of all online time). No wonder I in

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March 22, 2011 at 2:20 PM

Tagging: A Social & Emotional Affair

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Wordpress Tag Event 3.20.2011

As you may (or may not) know, my blog is an “experimental” blog. I’ve decided to actively become part of the Blogosphere because I want to find out and learn about what everyone is reading, writing, thinking, talking, sharing, et cetera, et cetera.

In my investigation, I came across a very astounding place. I think my address bar calls it “” but for the rest of us, it’s where all of WordPress’ hottest tags mingle. For the most part, I think the big shots: News, Music, Life, Politics, Photography, Travel, Food, Fashion, Family and Art are hosting the parties for a while. And there’s a whole lot of up-and-coming Socialites: Events, Local, Poetry, Entertainment, Recipes, Culture, Love, Technology, Environment, Business, and Humor (just to name a few.)

I invited myself to WordPress’ Daily Tag Event (again open to the public via and perused through the crowd and observed a few things:

Dinner, Gaming, Me,(whoever that is), Songs, Rants, and Ramblings were the quietest members. Ironically, Rants, and Ramblings didn’t have much to say and were merely bystanders at the event. Their presence was quite small and not so excitin, quite frankly, so I quickly moved on and weaved my way into the crowd. I probably passed by five or six groups of meager tags with a one or two posers (such as Poems trying to be Poetry and Photo Galleries trying to be Photography) until I finally arrived at the hotspot of the event where the dancers were dancing and the talkers were talking. I noticed Humor was relatively popular amongst his group and immediately, I recalled briefly passing by Fun (who was standing next to Society) and thought about the sad endings of friendships. I supposed Humor had left Fun or perhaps Fun never made it as big as Humor. Whatever the case, it made me sad when I thought about it…

So I quickly pulled myself together, fixed my hair and cursor, and moved on to more exciting things: the upper level at the fancy Tag Event where the big shots mingled. Their presence shined prominently, overlooking the balcony. Surely, News himself was there along with Music, Life, and Politics. And of course there were two of my favorite figures: Photography and Travel.

It was exciting for me to even look up to the balcony and think about being up there with the rest of the Hot Tags… Yes, where all the Buzz was at. My knees were shaking with excitement and my cursor almost stopped working! I think I can easily blend in somewhere in the midst of the party and make my way up. Perhaps, if I’m lucky enough, I’ll get introduced to one of the Hot Tags and get in on the “in.” Exciting thought, I know!

So if you’ve never been to the WordPress Tag Event, go experience it for yourself sometime soon and let me know how you enjoy it. Have fun!

What’s in a name? That which we call “WordPress” by any other name would be just as sweet.

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© Trig­gers & Spark

Of course I’m in love with WordPress. After all, I’m already addicted to the internet. Who isn’t?!

Fine. I know it’s only been two hours since I walked away from my computer. But for the last couple of hours while cooking, I saw blogrolls after blogrolls in my head. (Gr)avatars after (gr)avatars. Words after thoughts after words. And also many LOLcat things. Serious things like (BBC, WSJ, and NYTimes things). I daydreamed of random, funny things then arbitrary Google things and perplexing Aristotle things. (What did you say? I sound like Dr. Seuss?)

Anyway, and then in the midst of Things, I heard the iconic Twitter bird silently chirp at my kitchen window. Yes, he Tweeted to me from my windowsill at 8 o’clock at night. No, he’s not getting ready for bed soon. Silly questions you have!

So I had to get on the computer and find out what’s happening online… apparently, Kim Kardashian replied to one of her fans’ tweets and the fashion-frenzied girl claimed that Kim’s Retweet changed her life. Hmm. (And yes, I secretly adore Kim’s face! She’s so beautiful but… Kim, glamour is not everything.)

Anyway, aside from the Kim Kardash tweets and RTs (she never RTed mine that I tweeted to her), nothing exciting is going on. Apparently, I have been misinformed by a blue die-cut bird! So here I am. Hello, WordPress!

Being such a good WordPress neighbor as I am, I checked out what a few others have written and left comments to let them know that I have enjoyed reading their blogs. I hope they’ll say “Hello” to me soon! Perhaps, I will  invite a guest blogger to share his or her thoughts on my super-amazingly-new-but-needs-to-feature-a-cool-special-unique-voice blog soon. But for now, back to Google!

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March 20, 2011 at 10:26 PM

FacebookVille & the Evil Facebook Ads

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Once upon a time… (when Facebook did not yet take over the world and FacebookVille was a pleasant virtual town), a little girl (aka me, by the way) was innocently browsing through her once-favorite Social Networking Site until suddenly she saw an ad that caught her attention… (No, it was not a pair of hot pink shoes from Kim Kardashian’s glamorous ShoeDazzle collection.)

Anyway, the Evil Facebook had allowed a third-party to secretly use the little girl’s friend’s friend-slash-roomate’s profile picture in an ad without telling anyone! Worse of all, the ad with the little girl’s friend’s friend-slash-roomate’s face on it attempted to lure the little girl into clicking on the ad. Luckily, the little girl was smart and did not click on the ad.

The next day (okay fine, immediately), she asked her friend’s friend (via Facebook chat and wall) if she knew about the ad and her friend’s friend said “No.” Afraid and terrorized, the three little girls knew they had uncovered a dark secret: that the Evil Facebook was planning on taking over the world.

Fearing for her life and identity, the little girl’s friend’s friend decided to leave FacebookVille — at least for a while because her mother had told her that there can only be not-so-happy endings full of intrusive data tracking and dangerous phishing. But this was only the beginning of the Facebook Ad Age…

Later on, more ads were quickly appearing all over FacebookVille but they were slightly different from the ancient Facebook ads. (For example, the famous Internet Personality of all Worlds including YoutubeVille, GoogleVille, TwitterVille, and LAVille called iJustine was shocked when she saw that Facebook had created a fake ad for a fake birthday!) And there were plenty of similar ads. They were carefully-designed, hand-picked and trained to attack strategically. They were tailored to phish, track, and ultimately determine the lives of the villagers of FacebookVille.

For digi-centuries, these Tailored Ads reigned FacebookVille. Terrorizing the villagers with their aggressive marketing and sneaking onto the profiles of the villagers of FacebookVille when they were asleep, these ads were more dangerous and cleverer than the ancient Facebook ads. (Yes, I am allowed to invent the word “cleverer”… Shh! Let’s not ruin the story.) The Tailored Ads got so powerful that they could even pretend to be “friends” with the villagers. And the villagers of FacebookVille unfortunately fell for the trap when they saw that 20+ of their friends “liked” these Tailored Ads… Soon these Tailored Ads became the Elite Tailored Ads.

Luckily one day, a group of privacy advocates and internet lawyers from a Far Away Land came to save FacebookVille. Armed with the Social Network’s “Bill of Rights”, the brave men marched heroically to defend FacebookVille and the villagers gained power to fight back against the evilness of Facebook…

“Moon” and “Mega-Millions”?


Okay, so what’s the link between the “moon” and “mega-millions”? Nothing much really except for that fact these two terms are currently the most searched keywords according to Google Trends.That means that right now (or last night actually), people want to know about the $201 Million jackpot. Apparently, I’m quite disappointed because nobody I knew (including myself) won… So let’s move on to the next Google-citing thing: Tonight’s SuperMoon! (Yes, I did say “SuperMoon” and yes, I did say “Google-citing”.)

If you haven’t heard (although, I’m 97.3% sure that you have), the moon will be the closest ever to the Earth since 1993. [Someone] personally told me that it would be the size of a turkey to the naked human eye! That’s one juicy moon!

Whether you care about the SuperMoon or think it’s a SuperHype, I bet you’ll be tempted to stick your head out the window tonight — either to witness a “once-in-a-blue-moon” wonder or confirm that you are, in fact, the God(dess) of Hype Detector. And if you didn’t win any Mega-bucks last night (so sorry, I feel your pain), perhaps it won’t be such a bad idea to place a friendly bet with friends and family tonight about this SuperMoon vs SuperHype event.

Disclaimer: Have a gambling problem? Call the 24-Hour Confidential National Council on Problem Gambling Hotline at 1-800-522-4700.

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March 19, 2011 at 2:49 PM

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